Jeff’s PPJ01

Completed Tasks

  • One-Pager (.5 hours)
  • Set up team communication (.5 hours)
  • Planned and held introductory meeting (3.5 hours, inc. setup)
  • Set up version control (1 hour)
  • Adapted Javier’s map design concept for evenness and put a placeholder in Unity for development purposes (1.5 hours)
  • Set up state-based player controller that Dustin and Michael used as a basis for their programming work, as well as laying out some parts of the Unity project (2 hours)
  • Organized and smoothed out the controller once unit spawning functionality was added to it (1.5 hours)


Snippet of Update() function in PlayerController.cs at time of build



Basic recreation of Javier’s map design for use as a placeholder in Unity


What went well

  • Everyone was able to get to (in person or via voice communication) and contribute to the first meeting
  • The team hit all the milestones I thought we should hit for the tech demo, plus Michael was able to figure out that pathing was a lot easier to set up than we had initially thought
  • Survived our first merge conflict with minimal damage

What could have gone better

  • Not a whole lot
  • Maybe starting on work a little earlier. The tech demo could probably have had a lot more in it given the pace we were working at once we hit stride


  • First and foremost, administrative tasks and documents like the GDD
  • Continue fleshing out the player controller
  • Check in with teammates to discuss major milestones for the next week

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