Meagan’s PPJ 01

Completed Tasks

  • Meeting Time (1 hour)
  • Research environment references (1 hour)
  • Sketching ideas from reference (3 hours)
  • Developing a color palette and digitally rendering sketches (4 hours)
  • Testing out environment placements (2 hours)

Total hours = 11 hours


A few of the items I designed for the environment this week. I focused on some of the smaller filler elements.


The second image is my environment test. I wanted to see how my environment pieces fit together (are they cohesive?).  I call this piece 50 shades of sand.

What went well

We were on top of setting up the proper materials we would need to communicate and make progress on our game. Everyone was able to show up and participate in the meeting which was great. Personally, I think I started a good base for exploring what environmental objects we want in the game. I have a better sense of what I need to “fill in the gaps” so to speak. In terms of the art team we are on the same page with art style which is always a plus.

What could be better

Everyone’s schedules are all over the place so meeting is sort of difficult. I also think as we start to develop art assets there should be more communication to keep it cohesive.


I want to concept a few more “extravagant” background/environment pieces and revise/approve the ones I already created so I can start modeling. Also develop the GDD!


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