Jeff PPJ02

Completed Tasks

  • GDD (2 hours)
  • Scrum Presentation (1 hour)
  • Pitch Presentation (1.5 hours)
  • Multiple meetings (~6.5 hours)
  • Refined player controllers (1 hour)
  • GameManager started (1 hours)
  • Added UI with basic functionality (3 hours)
  • Added currency variables and displays for them, plus methods to use them (1 hour)


What Went Well

  • Figured out a better way to resolve merge conflicts
  • The state-based player controller (now operating on enumerations) gave an easy basis for controlling UI
  • UI, with some tweaks, seems to be effectively fully functional. Just need to confirm by adding features that use it and testing

What Could Have Gone Better

  • Had to figure out a better way to resolve merge conflicts
  • Communication was less good this week, some people missed meetings and didn’t give notice/gave late notice
  • We (especially programmers) need to start work on tasks earlier and provide better updates
  • Honestly didn’t quite get done what I feel we should have this week


  • I want the economy to come together shortly, at least in design so it can begin to be implemented
  • I want to be more firm on deadlines and protocol

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