More Concept Art, Mark Hurley, Week 3 Journal

Task Completed:

Group Meeting (4.5 hours)

Character Design and art (6 hours)

Document Work (2 hours)

Total hours: 12.5



What Went Well?

In terms of art and concept art, things are going well. We created strong designs for the characters and towers. We have a few good pieces of concept art to show the mood and tone of the environment. It is far enough along that I feel confident moving onto asset development over the next week.


What Could Have Gone Better

There is a communication issue in the team on the meeting side. While many sides had legitimate excuses, having a significant portion of the team miss the Sunday meeting was very unfortunate and limited design discussion.

After receiving critique from a senior, it’s clear the GDD will need additional work to flesh sections out and structure it better. It is currently written in shorter abbreviated comments and lack the depth and detail necessary for a game project. Moving forward, we need clearer design leadership.



Finalize game design

Work on GDD

Begin asset development

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