Jeff PPJ03

Completed Tasks

  • Barebones Unit AI (3 hours)
    • should be generalizable for multiple unit types
    • handles combat and queueing in-lane, though queueing needs to be polished
    • includes functionality for attacking and destroying other units, though this needs to be adjusted so units of the same type don’t always cancel out
    • may need edits after movement changes to navmesh, but hopefully not
  • Basic Win State (1.5 hours)
    • Added keep placeholder objects that take damage when the other player’s units enter them
    • When a keep runs out of health, the opposing player is the victor
  • Unit/Tower economy foundation (1 hour)
    • units and towers cost gold to construct
    • if you do not have enough gold, you cannot build a unit/tower
  • Managing code merges/managing the run-up to the build (2 hours)
    • Some conflicts had to be resolved
    • co-ordinated programmers to make sure the larger additions to the code base went through correctly
  • Fixing UI bugs (2 hours)
    • The UI was misbehaving on screen maximization. Fixed by managing anchor presets
    • Dustin’s tower creation implementation required an additional menu be made, as otherwise, the UI would not appropriately represent the player state
  • Design meeting with Mark (2 hours)
    • Going over the revamped development path and redesigning/clarifying some small aspects of the game
    • planning work items for coming week


Some of the functions of the UnitAI script


What Went Well

  • Team was definitely more focused this week
  • Communication was better
  • Features were being added earlier and in a more timely manner
  • I gave Mark some authority on design matters and conferred more with him on major decisions, which helped things run smoother and took stress off of me because I no longer felt like I was solely in charge of directing the project

What Could Have Gone Better

  • I attempted to learn navmesh in order to try to get the unit behaviors I had written to work for it, but was unable to iron out some of the foundational problems.
  • Still room for improvement on turning in work
  • Need to better figure out who is good at/comfortable with what


  • Michael seems to have navmesh close to, if not, working so we may look to implement that next week
  • Meeting with Meagan to go over UI aesthetic and functional design
  • Assisting with implementation of different unit types and navigating the accompanying design issues
  • Movement design to be reconsidered (stacking vs. moving around engaged units)


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