Borrowed Lines

Completed Tasks

  • Locking tower spawning to a grid (4 hrs)
  • Implementing tower spawn time and cost (2hrs)

What Went Well

One of the general rules of programming is that if whatever you’re trying to do someone else has already done it and how they did it is somewhere on the internet and not that hard to find. At the very least, something a programmer is trying to do can be broken down into smaller steps which someone has surely done. I had to figure out how to get the towers to lock to a position on a grid on spawn but no one had a solution for that online. So I had to settle for using a spawner based on mouse click and adapting that to our cursor setup. Then it was a matter of coming up with a clever system to make it easy for us to edit these tiles to mark them as roads.Screenshot (2)

What Could Have Gone Better

I don’t know how well the other towers will work with the grid but I am fairly confident that I implemented well enough to handle their shapes


Next comes talking more about design and how we want things to play out. Our base is pretty much done, next comes figuring out how the other towers function and maybe adjust the rules of where you can spawn towers.

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