GDD, Mark Hurley, Week 4 Journal

Task Completed:

Group Meeting (4 hours)

GDD Work (10 hours)

Total hours: 14


What Went Well?

After the previous sell presentation and we failed to answer some simple questions on how the systems of our game were designed, I was promoted to Lead Designer and spent the week rewriting the GDD to be more thorough breakdowns of our systems and making sure our mechanics work well together. Nearly the entire document was rewritten and there are still some problematic elements of the design, but I believe it has made a significant amount of improvement.

The communication has also increased; but the biggest improvement is our delegation of task. More elements of design and management have been given to more people, taking the load off Jeff and allowing for faster iteration and output.


What Could Have Gone Better

There are some team members that appear to be falling behind, but that isn’t my major concern at the moment. I believe the team can finish our game by the end of the term. There are parts of our current design that still need to be reworked and require deliberate consideration.

I also fear that people are not consulting the GDD enough because of its hefty size. I need to stress in future the importance of the document for future development and to compartmentalize it’s information into more digestible chunks.



Continue work on GDD

Begin unit asset development

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