Javier Figueroa PPJ3

Completed Tasks

  • Created more map variants (2 hrs)
  • Began modeling assets (5 hrs)
  • Meetings (6 hrs)

    I have been just drawing up maps at this point since we are not too sure how we want it too look. The new maps tend to feature the Nile delta in Lower Egypt and a canyon path in Upper Egypt.

What went well:

  • Modeling the assets did not take terribly long thanks to their overall simplicity

Even though I started modeling towards the end of this past week, I still managed to make some satisfactory models to start with. They are both easy to build off of thanks to their very rectangular shape.

What went poorly:

  • The indecisiveness over the map has dragged out.
  • More assets could have been made.

Midterms became my priority over the past week so I ended up spending less time working on this game than I would have liked to. For the map, it has taken too long to determine how we want it to look.


  • We will decide on a map by Monday.
  • more assets will be made (maybe all of them except for the units).
  • Textures will be started.


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