Kyle Streeper – PPJ 3

Completed Tasks

  • Team Meetings (3 hours)
  • Base calculations for units and archer tower (1 hour)
  • Pushing build to Drexel Tux server (0.5 hours)
  • Attempted to fix Unit AI stack issue (unsuccessful; many hours sunk)
Basic formulaic approach to units, towers, hp, damage, and modifiers


  • Meetings were at times that I could attend this week
  • Basic rundown of calculations seems to be balanced for now until we introduce more towers and possibly other items
  • Work seem to be better distributed overall


  • My lack of Unity 3D knowledge became very evident this week (previous classes I had worked with GameMaker and Unity 2D)
  • Sunk many hours trying to get something working for Unit AI and never finding a solution


  • Some discussions regarding other towers and how damage will function in game need to be ironed out
  • I will be shifting my focus to the Hacknplan and becoming the scrum master since we technically don’t have one yet.

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