Meagan PPJ 03

Completed Tasks

  • Meeting (2 hours)
  • Modeled rough versions of three towers (7 hours)
  • Created mockup designs for pause screen, start screen, and two win states (7 hours)

Total Hours = 16 hours

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first four images cover the mockup designs for the start screen, pause screen, red win, and blue win. I had to develop a style that would unify the project; I researched fonts, color decisions based on our palette, and developed symbols and pieces to unify the screens (like the hieroglyphs). The next three images are the Archer tower, the Magic tower, and the Sun tower. I modeled a base and started with the Archer tower. From there I used the base to develop the other two, so players could visually understand that these are in fact towers. I also wanted the towers to have strong silhouettes or defining features so players could tell which tower was which.

What Went Well

The team came together and made a lot of organization decisions, like assigning leads. Now we have dedicated people thinking from specific perspectives. The GDD has been revamped and we answered questions that were previously up in the air; defined gameplay. There was more communication this week.

What Could Have Been Better

I wanted to get to texturing this week but that will have to take up some of my time for next week. There is always room for improvement in terms of communication and meeting time. Being sick has been a challenge to overcome. In terms of art we need to start implementing objects asap so we can get a sense of the players perspective and how we need to approach modeling and texturing moving forward.


I will be meeting with Jeff to discuss UI; start designing and working on that. I want to touch up the tower models and texture them as well. Then I will be devoting my time to model other features such as background pieces.

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