Dustin PPJ04

Completed Tasks

  • Setup AOE Damage and speed up blessings (4 hrs)
  • Implementing tower health and destruction (1hr)
  • Gave our temp unit models temp health bars (1hr)

What Went Well

The blessing system was fairly simple to implement since we do a lot of the same stuff for unit spawning it was basically reuse code and it works. We can hurt a bunch of units at once now or we can make them speedy. It looks like on a basic level all of our future blessings will function the same programatically which is lowers the burden on future programming of these blessings.

What Could Have Gone Better

I did not get a chance to thoroughly test my tower destruction code so I am worried something somewhere will break but for the most part I am optimistic that everything works fine.


Next is more unit implementation and possibly helping out with the combat logic.

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