Javier Figueroa PPJ4

Completed Tasks:

  • Learned the basics of Substance Painter (1 hour)
  • modeled catapult (4 hours)
  • Updated Textures on the obelisk in Substance Painter (2 hours)
  • Created a basic texture for the Keep (2.5 hours)
  • Meetings (3 hours)

Total: 12.5 hours

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I didn’t do nearly as much as I wanted to this week but I am glad that I have at least learned how to use Substance Painter which is proving to be far more convenient than mudbox. the first four images are of the Keep and its ID and normal map. I do not have a picture of the obelisk to show so I just put in the image of its own ID map. The last image is of the catapult I modeled but have not textured yet. Modeling that proved far more troublesome than I thought; I tried to find some way to add an Egyptian element to it and in the end I had to settle for the wheels. The style of the wheels were made to mimic images of their chariots, but those wheel were far skinnier. In order to avoid making it look like it was being held up by tooth picks I made them thicker. As to the lack of maps, we decided to stick with what we have for right now.

What went well:

I managed to complete at least half of what I set out to do. I am especially glad to have learned Substance Painter which will prove a valuable asset.

What went Poorly:

I only completed at least half of what I wanted to do. Midterms got in the way of my time unfortunately again. I also would have liked to help Meagan out more with the UI. Github was giving problems this week so I wasn’t able to add rewired to the Unity scene. I also need to communicate a bit more with the team.


I would like to finish texturing my models and maybe update the map. I would like to also give rewired over to the CS team if I can get Github working.


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