Jeff PPJ04

Completed Tasks

  • Bug fixes (4 hours)
    • UI was bugged as discovered during playable build demo
      • Digging deeper into this led to finding that the state controllers were behaving incorrectly as well
    • During playtesting ran into errors of units either getting stuck or not despawning when killed
      • This has been partially fixed. The getting stuck issue appears to be part of the movement system that needs refining
  • Favor gain (1 hour)
    • Players now gain favor when they kill an enemy unit
  • Edited rough map to accommodate movement system changes (1 hour)
    • We are widening lanes to 20 meters across (from 10) in the hopes that we can move away from a queueing system for unit movement. Map adjusted visually to show this
  • Color! (.5 hours)
    • Player 1 and their units and keeps are now red, and they are blue for Player 2
  • UI Discussion/Meeting with Meagan (1 hour)
    • Went over menu flow and discussed visual ideas


Updated temporary map with colors


What Went Well

  • Mostly happy to have been able to rectify some of the problems in the game, in the way of bugs and unintended behavior
  • The team has been a little better about using the Hacknplan
  • No merge conflicts as of the time of writing


What Could Have Gone Better

  • Communication is still not as good as it should be. We really haven’t had much in the way of progress updates until a couple of days before deadline
  • Team still needs to be better about using the Hacknplan
  • Wanted movement refinement and unit type differentiation to be further along at this point



  • Unit type differentiation is the biggest thing on my personal radar
  • Implementing remaining towers

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