Kyle Streeper – PPJ 4

Completed Tasks

  • Team Meetings (1 hour)
  • Implementing Survey questions into Google Forms (1 hour)
  • In-game screen flows (3.5 hours total)
    • Main menu (.5 hours)
    • Pause screen and functionality to not break the game (2 hours)
    • Victory screens and control flow (1 hour)
  • Data report and compiling (1.5 hours)


Code from the PauseGame Script I made


  • Felt like I actually contributed something to the team that was worthwhile
  • Communication between team members on Discord was really good this week
  • Got to work with data! Survey responses were really good and had amazing insight


  • Started my work later than I wanted to
  • A lot of playtesters noticed similar bugs involving unit movement that need to be addressed


  • Bug fixes!!
  • Implementation of different towers and assets

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