Meagan PPJ 04

Completed Tasks

  • Updated screens from last week (1 hour)
  • UI Meeting with Jeff (1 hour)
    • Flowchart and Design choices
  • Play test fun with my roommates (1 hour)
  • Mock ups of the in game menus (6 hours)
  • Research UI and choose a design (3 hours)
    • Where should it be displayed and how.
    • Thinking about animation

Total Hours = 12 hours

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first image is the general elements needed to create our menu. I was testing out fonts and different hieroglyphs or symbols. The rectangle on the left will be displayed on the far left and right of the screen. We have essentially the same thing within the build (you can see in the second photo where the menus go). The next image represents a flow chart or the items we will need to be displayed for the players. The last three images represent the style or the look we are going for. We chose this rock texture and each block will have a hieroglyph on it that represent the item, the name of the item, the cost, and the upgrade price. The idea is that the menus or item selection will stay within the rectangle and not obscure the game play area.

What Went Well

In terms of UI we had a productive discussion and found a few methods of displaying information so we have back ups to test and try out during play testing if our original plan doesn’t seem to work. The fact that we could play test was great. I feel like more times than not, games break in crucial moments but we were able to get some great feedback.

What Could Have Been Better

Midterm exams are terrifying. Other than that this week was difficult for members to meet up and discuss certain ideas and decisions (midterms were eating away schedules). There is some feedback going on in the Discord but I would like to see more and hear from everyone.


Next week I would like to texture the tower models I created and start implementing art assets within the Unity scene. I want to start populating the scene and creating more of an environment.

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