Dustin PPJ 05

Completed Tasks

  • Changed the rules of tower spawning so you have to build out from your base.(5h)
  • Added in an instant tower kill blessing (1h)
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes (1h)

What Went Well

I know that there are a few games out there that if they want something to die instantly rather than call some instant die function they just apply an absurdly high amount of damage to it and hope it dies. That was the method I chose for our tower kill function because we already had a damage tower function written and just instantly destroying the tower could have broken any number of other things the tower does.

I also changed the rules of tower spawning from each player being able to place on halves of the field to players having to build outward from their bases with each tower placed adding to the player’s spawnable area and each tower lost decreasing that area. Hopefully this gives a greater tension and feel of winning/losing a war.

What Could Have Gone Better

I did not finish the tower spawning change in time for us to include it in the build and also we were unsure how to convey to the player the area that they were allowed to spawn on.


Ahead it looks like more features fixes and code cleanup. Almost the final stretch.

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