Javier Figueroa PPJ5

Completed Tasks:

  • The Catapult was textured (5 hrs)
  • The Keep was textured (4 hrs)
  • Meeting (3 hrs)
  • Total (12 hrs)

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What went well:

The texturing was an overall simple process. It was generally easy to get the desired look on both objects.

What went poorly:

The reason it took as long as it did to texture both was because of how poorly I made the UV’s and because I added more parts to both the catapult and keep. The fact that I altered the model mid-texturing made the process I had to go through complicated. It essentially involved two substance painter files and a lot of exporting, plus some UV change.


I’m gonna get to work on the temple (probably with the help of Meagan). There are also some more small details that I want to add to the catapult and Keep. In my spare time I plan on making rewired work in the game.

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