Meagan PPJ 05

Completed Taks

  • Texturing towers (7 hours)
  • Map paint, working on environment (3 hours)
  • Meeting (implementation) (3 hours)

Total hours = 13 hours

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The first image is the in game map I worked on this week. I want to populate the environment more. I mainly worked on tower model edits and texturing. The first towers after the map are the Sun Towers in both color combinations. Next is the archer towers in blue and red. Finally we get to the Magic Towers. These models have come a long way and there are still minor texturing changes.

What Went Well

I received great feedback from everyone and felt like I had more team direction with the designs and textures. If it’s approved I am more comfortable with placing that on a back burner. The models keep progressing and updating and becoming what we want them to be. The most exciting task this week was implementation. Seeing the art in game is always exciting. Our artistic decisions are making asset creation a little easier.

What Could Have Been Better

IMPLEMENTATION. We worked out all of the terrifying results so it’s all good now but wow it was a process. I think having more meetings will help with communication and some of the issues lack of communication brings. I think having set times to just meet and work together, in the same space, will resolve a lot of issues.


Playtesting! Other than that I would like to fix the minor texture/model issues so we can move on to UI and animations. Add a little flare and sparkle. But UI is important and that will be a main focus of next week.

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