Animation and Implementation, Mark Hurley, PPJ 06

Task Completed:

Model Adjustments (4 hours)

Unit Animations (2 hours)

Unity work (4 hours)

Stat work (1 hours)

Playtesting work (1 hours)

Total hours: 12


What Went Well?

Things went pretty well this week. We made a good number of adjustments from last week and included a number of features that were finished but not yet implemented. For my work, I did a number of unit animations and set up the animators in unity and in the scripts to play when appropriate. I also implemented a few other art assets as well as addressing some bugs regarding assigning unit materials or interfacing with new prefabs. I also did some playtesting and some stat work.


What Could Have Gone Better

I wasn’t able to do as much work as I wanted this week. Due to some bugs adjusting the models that added hours of troubleshooting to fix. I didn’t allocate as much time as was needed for other tasks like additional VFX or finishing stat/balance work. I also don’t like that I keep putting stat work off for the end of the week. This week I will attempt to complete that task early on, so we can have people playtest the new balance.

In addition, I need to just make a number of minor improvements to the game that I have noted but never got around to implementing.


Unity work (balancing work, adding missing/unfinished features, visual/audio feedback)

Additional Asset Development if anything is missing or needs modification

Continue work on GDD

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