Javier Figueroa PPJ 6


  • Rewired is implemented though not merged. (3 hrs)
  • Temple has been constructed (6 hrs)
  • Meetings (2hrs)
  • Total (11 hrs)

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For Rewired we just wanted to get it working on a branch. After replacing numerous references in code, it did eventually work. We did not merge it, however, because we did not want to risk breaking the game when we needed playtesters. The temple is based of the temple of Esna in Egypt. The columns go down to the ground without merging with the walls, but that design might be slightly altered to avoid it looking like clipping. Also Maya crashes are really fun, especially when you forget to save after an hour of work.

What went Well:

  • Implementing Rewired mainly consisted of replacing variables in code.
  • No issues when modeling or texturing.

What went Poorly:

  • It didn’t feel like I got enough done this week.


  • Fix a few things on the temple
  • Fully implement Rewired

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