Meagan PPJ 06

  • Modeling and texturing the mine (5 hours)
  • Map resizing and 2 land rendition (3 hours)
  • Play testing (1 hour)
  • Started reworking in game menu icons; UI (1 hour)

Total hours = 10

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I resized and reworked the map based on play tester feedback. We got a lot of comments saying the map was too big or there were too many lanes. So I sized it down to help with the perspective and created a two lane version we can test. Then I worked on creating one of the two support towers which was the mine. You can see the front and top views of each teams mine. I started to rework the icons for the in game UI based off of in class feedback.

What Went Well

We finished up the support towers and attack towers. Play testing went pretty well. We got a lot of positive feedback and my play testers were interested in seeing the progress we make over the next couple of weeks. I resized the map which will give the players a better perspective of the game play. I started reworking the icons I made in class so I have a bit of a head start for next weeks goals. Hopefully I can get that in immediately.

What Could Have Been Better

Unfortunately most of my time went into starting and finishing up the mine and reworking the map to a different dimension. I didn’t get to focus on incorporating the icons I made for the in game UI. I worked on updating them from the feedback I received in class. I feel like I could have done more this week but the workload was heavier than usual in my classes. All I can say is that next week I can push harder and dedicate more time.


Implement my icons because I want to have more visual feedback and I’m tired of looking at those white buttons. Implement the passive towers and the resized map. From there start adding details in animation and juiiiiiiice.

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