Javier PPJ7


  • Temple edits were made (1 hour)
  • Particle effects for Set and Sekhmet are done (7 hours)
  • Meetings (2 hours)
  • Total (11 hours)

Although I did have plans to work on Rewired this week, in the end that was unnecessary. It turns out that I had done enough with Rewired the previous week so the other coders did not need my help. With my big job gone, I decided to take a crack at particle effects.

What Went Well:

  • I think the particle effects came out rather nicely (the two that I finished anyway.)
  • I found some tutorials for particle effects that really helped.

What went Poorly:

  • I had to learn how to use particle effects which took more time than I thought. I also found that getting the look that I actually wanted in the particles was far more annoying than I had hoped.
  • The Lightning bolt effect is proving to be a challenge.


  • Finish lightning bolt particle effect
  • Do anny other miscellaneous work.

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