Jeff PPJ07 – Rewired, New UI, and the Great Blessing Refactor

Completed Tasks

  • Rewired (3.5 hours)
    • after a lot of searching for and fixing weird bugs, we were finally able to implement Rewired.
  • Blessing Refactor (2.5 hours)
    • Joint effort between the programmers. My main contribution was reorganizing them into a class structure that would be a functional way to allow us to better decouple them from the player controller and make them more modular and interchangeable should we introduce others later.
    • This also had an auxiliary purpose of making the blessings themselves into prefabs rather than function libraries so that their values and effectiveness could be more easily tuned, and their effects more easily implemented
  • UI Layout Overhaul (2 hours)
    • In-game UI elements have been relocated and rearranged to make the interface more easily understandable for players. The rearrangement allowed us to remove button labels from the UI elements as well, to go along with the implementation of Rewired. As such, the UI is now more generalized for use across different platforms with different controllers.
  • Particle Effects (2 hours)
    • Isis Heal effect – green bubble “regeneration” effect
    • Horus Haste effect – blue “speed lines”
    • both of these are applied to the individual units
    • Simple archer tower arrow effect, and placeholder for obelisk lightning
  • Temple and Mine (2 hours)
    • Added a script that allows them to properly generate resources for the purchasing player after they are constructed, and that is interchangeable/extensible with any resource-producing tower
  • General troubleshooting, implementation, and improving (3 hours)
    • ensured that art assets functioned correctly when put into the scene
    • modified the valid locations of the tower placement grid for more ideal behavior – the far edges and corners of the map are now inaccessible so that players can’t as easily “cheese” to avoid catapults
    • wrestling with git
  • Total: ~15 Hours

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What Went Well

  • A LOT of issues were ironed out, including large ones like the blessing refactor and rewired. Both of these will make our future development a lot smoother.
  • We got a lot of aesthetic features into the game this week, and we are really getting closer to the feel that we were looking for
  • Multiple work sessions with good progress made


What Could Have Gone Better

  • My main laptop blue screened on Tuesday, two days before everything was due. Thankfully nothing for this project was lost, but having to set up a new workstation lost me some time
  • We had some scene merge issues that led to us fighting with Git a fair bit during crunch time, which lost us time on things like actual development and our video draft



  • Balance tweaks and improvements
  • Lots of playtesting
  • Optimizing and tuning effects
  • Menu fixes
  • Fixing nagging issues with tower and game object instantiation

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