Meagan PPJ 07

Completed Tasks

  • Redesigned the icons on the in game menus and implemented it (6 hours)
  • Visual edits to the smaller map (2 hours)
  • Sell presentation (3 hours)

Total Hours = 11 hours


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The first image is the smaller map with a few visual updates; Rounded off the edges of lanes, softer outline to the lanes, and added some background detail like grass and mountain indicators. The next image is the new UI layout with my updated icons. Then I displayed a few of the many icons I updated and revamped this week.

What Went Well

We finally got rid of the last of the programmer art which is nice. The game as a whole is coming together visually and that is very exciting. We made a lot of progress this week in terms of adding particles and visual feedback. We had a productive meeting that aided the strides we made this week.

What Could Have Been Better

Merge conflicts are terrifying but we got it worked out. There are some issues or decisions that need to be made with our icons in the in game menus. I think playtesting will help answer some of our questions in that department.


Visual feedback and particles! We also need to start implementing sounds so we have audio feedback as well. Playtest playtest playtest! Then implement the feedback we receive from our players.

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