Tables and Health, Mark Hurley, PPJ 07

Task Completed:

Background Environment (12 hours)

New Health bars (3 hours)

Stat Work (3 hours)

Trailer (5 hours)

Total hours: 23


What Went Well?

This week was pretty good. I got a lot of environment work done, including modeling and texturing a table, candle, and map to give the room more ambience and make our presentation nicer. Speaking of better presentation, new health bars are in and they look pretty nice. They are rather plain and spartan; but, considering the number of units seen at a time, I don’t think that’s bad. I also made the balance changes I’ve wanted to do since week 6 or so.

On top of a lot of work done on my end, everyone else has done a lot more with new particle effects, new working features, and new UI. We made a significant leap forward this week and I hope we can sustain that momentum until week 11.

What Could Have Gone Better

Not much in the “what could have gone better” category. Some members of the group seem to be lagging behind in terms of work done, but the group as a whole is working strong. I, personally, need to balance my work more effectively. This was a strong week for me but I sacrificed finals in other classes.



Unity work (polish, polish, polish)

Additional Asset Development if anything is missing or needs modification

Continue work on GDD

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