Jeff PPJ08

Completed Tasks

    • Catapults won’t target held towers anymore (.5 hours)
    • Catapults no longer untargetable by units while fighting towers (.5 hours)
    • Towers no longer have weird transparency issues after being built (1 hour)
    • Towers no longer ignore units in their radius at build completion (1 hour)
  • Sound (3 hours)
    • Helped search for sound clips
    • Edited sound clips where necessary
    • Inserted sound effects into game
  • Playtesting (4 hours)
  • Balancing (1 hour)
  • Total: 11 hours

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What went Well

  • Good feedback in playtests
  • Squashed some lingering bugs
  • More visual feedback and improvements


What Didn’t

  • It was difficult gathering playtesters
  • The week was very busy, otherwise we may have gotten some more polish elements in


What’s coming up

  • Continued polish
  • More sounds

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