Health and lamps, Mark Hurley, PPJ 08

Task Completed:

Lamp model and texture (5 hours)

Health bars for towers (2 hours)

Stat Work (1 hours)

Playtests (4 hours)

Total hours: 12




(^model vs reference)

What Went Well?

A lot of this week was spent playtesting and we received some very good feedback. Even though our game still has some rough edges and balance concerns, we were able to get a lot of laughs and a lot of fun from the game which was good to see. Everyone else did a lot of good work, continuing the polish and making our game as strong as possible. I went back and removed the candles to be replaced with a stone lamp and implemented the health bars on towers (that I forgot to do last week). Overall, the team has made good progress and I’m glad to see everything coming together.


What Could Have Gone Better

Some failure on my side. This week I again prioritized other classes and couldn’t commit the amount of time I wanted. I wasn’t able to finish and implement the balance changes we received from the playtesting, and I couldn’t do as much environment art as I wanted. In addition, the lamp doesn’t look as strong as the rest of the background. It matched my references, but just looks off. I’ll revisit it next week, but (considering it was already a revisit from the week prior) I don’t want to sink too much time into something that’s potentially good enough.



Unity work (polish, polish, polish)

Additional Asset Development if anything is missing or needs modification

Continue work on GDD

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