Meagan PPJ 08

Completed Tasks

  • Sound effects and music (2 hours)
  • UI and Menu edits (2 hours)
  • Playtesting (2 hours)

Total Hours = 6 hours


Updated the cost on the buttons to fit the new balanced numbers. Worked on Menu elements; creating button and small edits to the menus themselves.

What Went Well

We received great feedback which helped with balancing and art/asset edits. We are fixing minor art details at this point. We finally got sound into the game so we can start testing that out. More visual feedback went in this week. Menus are finally operating and correct.

What Could Have Gone Better

Finding playtesters was a bit difficult. It was a busy week with finals but we can continue to polish next week.


I want to make some small detail edits to the map. I will be updating the cost on the buttons as we continue playtesting and balancing. We will keep working on sound effects and music. Focusing on visual feedback, polish, small details.

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