Javier Figueroa PPJ 8


  • Created a bolt particle for lightning tower (3 hours)
  • Created dust particles for when towers are placed (2 hours)
  • Updated fire particle effect (2 hours)
  • Updated speed and heal particle effects (1 hour)
  • Meeting/playtesting (2 hours)
  • Total: 10 hours

I ended up spending my time on particles this week. The lighting effect didn’t take long since I spent some time last week trying to make it. The remaining ones were simply edits. Most of the time spent on them was just me seeing if I could do anything to make them look better.

What went well:

  • I felt satisfied with how the particles came out and how they look in game.

What went poorly:

  • There was a miscommunication with how the lightning was supposed to look. I wasted an hour going for a different look.


  • I will probably be trying to pick up and miscellaneous work that needs to be done regarding art/particles.

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