Michael PPJ09

Completed Tasks

  • bug fixing(3h)
  • commenting and refactoring code, getting ready for possible next term(2h)

What Went Well

  • I fell like my grasp at Unity has vastly improved.
  • Most code was done and looks/reads great.

What Could Have Gone Better

  • Bug finding.


  • Possibility of taking it into next term!


Overall, I would consider this term a great success. The team was fantastic and we accomplished almost everything we set out to do.

Personally I got much better at Unity, and keep improving not only at using the Engine, but at programming. I also learned a lot about navigation and using it and debugging it. Found a great team.

Started somewhat slow. I think Navmesh kept me busy for just a bit too long, but it was important so maybe it’s not so bad. Kept trying to over complicate myself when approaching new tasks, in the future it would really benefit me from thinking a little simpler.

I’m very excited to possibly continue this project onto next term with this team!

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