Kyle Streeper – PPJ9 Postmortem

Completed Tasks

  • Created and added sound effects to fit the style of our game (4 hours)
  • Met and planned with group (2 hours)
  • Final analysis (1.5 hours)


  • Finding open source sounds was a lot easier than I anticipated
  • Creating sound effects was easier than I thought it would be


  • Figuring out the exact length that the audio files needed to be proved to be a little challenging


  • Possibly moving this project into next term



Things that went right:

  • The flow of the project from week to week was consistent .
  • I learned some neat tricks about creating sound effects and it was a lot easier than I planned.
  • Meetings were always good. I felt like every time I was involved in a meeting I know what I had to do for that week and had a solid plan of action.

Things that went wrong:

  • I feel like my contribution to the overall team was pretty lackluster compared to most. This is definitely something that I strive to work on next term regardless of the team I am on and want to step up as more of a programmer and less of a QA.
  • Not utilizing my time appropriately on the weekend was a very bad choice for me as I have a lot of classes earlier on in the week.
  • While my communication in person was fine, it was really hard for me to keep up with everything in our Discord with how much action was actually going on in it.

Like stated above, I think two of the major changes that will come with the transition to GMAP 378 will be managing my time effectively on the weekends and stepping up my role as an actual programmer and to stop being scared of Unity. If I can do these two things not only will I better myself, but contribute a lot more to my team overall.

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