Javier Figueroa TERM 2 PPJ1


  • Rescaled Particle effects (4hrs)
    • I had to go through each particle and alter their sizes without touching the scale. This proved tedious since I had to tinker with multiple parts of each individual particle system and not just their start size.
  • Modeled/textured new reticules (4hrs)
    • We have been meaning to update those for awhile. We are aiming for a jewelry sort of look.
  • Fixed some other scaling issues (1hr)
    • Scaling issue involving the catapult and a spawning issue with the rubble dust.
  • Total : 9hrs


What Went Well:

  • Re-scaling was not that big of an issue.

What Went Poorly:

  • I did not finish the Battle particles that I was supposed to do.
  • The reticles are not quite what I want.
  • It seems like dividing the work between everyone may actually be a hassle due to the extra people.
  • I am now working on 3 different game projects at a time.


  • Reticle needs more work

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