Jeff Term 2 PPJ 01 – We’re Back!

Accomplished Tasks

  • THE GREAT RESCALE (6 hours)
    • The Two Powerful Ones had a scaling problem in Unity. The team has been going through and rescaling everything so that it all looks correct and plays appropriately
  • Unity 2018 Transition (1 hour)
  • Design Meetings (4 hours)
    • Spent time meeting with the team, and again with Meagan, Raul, Mark, and Erin to plan out concrete goals for the term, and coming up with the big features we want to hit. We also discussed certain features in more granularity, like new blessings to add, as well as a new tower.
  • Setting up for new blessings (2 hours)
    • Refactored the Buff Blessing interface and added a Global Blessing interface so the two were distinguishable from each other. This was to provide groundwork for the first four new blessings we are planning to add
  • Miscellaneous Improvements (2 hours)
    • We are trying to increase the amount of visual feedback in the game, and the first item on this list is adding some effects to the obelisk that denote its firing cooldown better, since it has a long time between shots. This feature is still in development
  • Total – 15 hours


What Went Well

  • Good attendance at our first meeting. Almost the entire team was able to make it.
  • The rescale has proved to be much less of an issue than was anticipated. Also, thanks to the rescale, we have shadows now.


What Didn’t

  • I already have some concerns about communication this term and adjusting to a larger team/the new team members. We had a very good dynamic last term, and while the core group still works well together, plus some of the new members we already knew, There definitely feels like there will be an adjustment period where the new team members get used to how the PHG team had worked.
  • I would have liked more eager participation from the people who had things that needed to be rescaled. Some relatively small items took too long to get fixed, and some of those fixes then needed to be fixed by me.


Upcoming Plans

  • Unity 2018 Transition. The transition is mostly done, but we are currently working out of a branch specifically for it because our version of Rewired is not officially supported for Unity 2018, so we are trying to determine if we need to get the new version or if what we have will function appropriately
  • Obelisk Feedback – Shader coding is difficult.
  • Functionality for new blessings
  • Continued small bug fixes on movement and cursor-related items.


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