Raul – PPJ 01


Meetings/Planning: 4h

Animated Texture: 2h

Total Hours: 6h



This week went very well. As a new member, I felt that my integration into the team was seamless, and I did not feel like an outsider during our first design meeting. We were all able to pitch new ideas and narrow them down to what we want to accomplish by the end of this term. We also talked about how we can revise current assets to make them better.



There has been a bit of an issue regarding communication. Some of the newer members seem to be used to other standards of communication and are not as hands-on or vocal about progress, however it seems to be being addressed. I am also getting used to a slightly different pipeline but I have no doubt that I will adapt by next week.



For this next week I will be working on a new tower as well as helping Meagan organize the art team so that everything runs as smoothly as possible for the programmers. I will also be going through some of the older art assets and seeing if anything needs revision.

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