Erin Truesdell, PPJ 01

Workshop’s Back, Alright!


Meetings: 3h

Model Updates: 45m

Deliverables Coordination: 1h 30m

Total: 5h 15m


We are getting back in the groove of things now that we’re back from break and spent some time getting the new team members assimilated and goals set out for the upcoming term.



We’ve got lots of hands, and pretty much everyone is on board and ready to start work to make this game even better. Additionally, we have a strong administrative team that spent time this week working out concrete goals for the term, as well as lots of new and exciting ideas for new additions between now and finals week.



Getting used to this big team isn’t easy. People weren’t sure what to do, and design discussions needed to be had to spend time figuring out where we were going to spend the next eight weeks going; however, the work done this week has laid a solid foundation, so this should no longer be an issue in upcoming weeks.


What’s Next:

For the team? Finishing the massive rescale project, finalizing concepts for new features, and bugfixes.

For me? Loading screens, programming/hookups of some new UI features, addition of a new set piece, and staying on that marketing train.


Bonus content: Jeff’s having issues with Jimmy Garoppolo and I am NOT having it.