Joseph Brown – PPJ 01


  • Meetings – 3.5 hrs
  • GDD Review – 1 hr
  • UI Sketches – 2 hrs

Total Hours: 6.5


New team appears supportive and competent. We have some good goals that we need to complete before the end of the term, and our project leads have goals for the title even after that, which is encouraging. We also have a strong base to work from, and the game is just asking for polish and expansion.


There were no real negatives this week, but numerous challenges have presented themselves. For one, the workflow on the team is different than what I’m used to. The group is also larger, and people who have already established themselves as authorities on certain topics. I hope that my voice is heard going forward, and that I’m able to make worthwhile contributions to the project.


I’ve got a lot of work to make sure that new players can understand the controls quicker. I noticed players during the team’s former playtests struggling with using face buttons for navigation/control, so I’m going to try two things:

  • Make a more solidified UI, one that visually allows players to understand their control scheme without a “controls screen”
  • Explore alternate control schemes that work intuitively without excess visual feedback
I also want to consolidate information so that it reads easier, and improve the overall user experience across the board. For example: when testing, I noticed that I didn’t look down to check my gold, and my eyes were locked on the controls in the top corner to make sure I didn’t mess up. Though I want to fix the controls, so that they aren’t the focus and can become an afterthought, I’m going to move the gold and favor indicators up so that they read better.

The hope is that I can get the majority of these UI fixes designed and discussed with the team before our next playtest, and maybe even get them implemented before then.

 – Joseph Brown

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