Meagan Term 2 PPJ 01

Accomplished Tasks

New Tower Concept (3 hours)

Clean Up UI Files (2 hours)

Meetings (4 hours)

Total Hours = 9 hours

I got started on creating some simple concept art for the new tower addition. I also cleaned up my UI files and introduced new art team members to them so they have access to tools they may need in the upcoming weeks.

What Went Well

We had very successful team meetings over the week. We nailed down some core points of focus and defined goals. It seems like we have a grasp on priority and what needs to be addressed. The new members are working on being integrated to our workflow but we had a great time at our full team meeting and I look forward to working with everyone over the next couple of weeks.

What Didn’t

Since we did combine it’s going to take some time to settle down. The new members have to get situated and in time communication will strengthen. We have only had one full team meeting but I am sure a routine will form and the process will smoothen out.


I want to start creating concepts for the tool tips so we can start implementing help options or subtle instruction (less hand holding when it comes to gameplay). I plan on meeting with Raul to go over the plans for the art team. I will revisit old assets if necessary but I will most likely transition to new UI concepts for our load-out screen and loading screen if I complete the previous tasks.

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