Erin Truesdell, PPJ 02

Welcome, folks, to the Truesdell Administration!


Meetings: 30m

Pipeline Updates: 1h

Deliverables Coordination: 1h

Khopesh setpiece: 1h 30m

Total: 4h


We are getting back in the groove of things now that we’re back from break and spent some time getting the new team members assimilated and goals set out for the upcoming term.



Lots of people came together to keep the game moving this week. Coordinating deliverables was, frankly, relatively easy because the people who needed to get things in…got them in. This team has been great to work with, and because we have a solid administrative team, many hands do indeed make light work. I also got my first opportunity to dive into Unity in importing Jeff’s khopesh setpiece and getting all of the fun materials and lighting done for that.


I didn’t do that much this week – partially because the work is well spread out, and partly due to other things – but I am looking forward to being able to dive back in next week at full capacity.

What’s Next:

For the team? NEW BLESSINGS! Also, playtesting and the neverending quest for polish.

For me? Playtest coordination, more adminstrative work, and LOADING SCREENS.


Bonus content: Very Professional Responses