Javier Figueroa T2 PPJ2


  • Particle Effects Edited (4 hrs)
    • Edits were made for most of the effects
    • Lightning (1 hr)
    • Tornado (1 hr)
    • Sun Beam (1.5 hr)
    • Health (0.5 hrs)
  • Advantage/Disadvantage Particles (2.5 hrs)
  • Total (6.5 hrs)

This week I only touched old particle effects and made the new one for advantages/disadvantages in combat. The red one going upwards is for the advantage and the blue one for the disadvantage. The bottom right image with the swords is the original idea for the advantage particles but we are either going to re-purpose it or not use it. The Bolt was given some blue to its color while also being narrowed a bit. The (newly named) Khepri heal was given the cross look instead of the default particle effect. For the tornado, I simply added an orbital effect to the dust.

What Went Well:

  • Learning what Unity 2018 has to offer in terms of particle effects is proving to be interesting. So far I have only used the new orbital effect for the dust in the sandstorm.

What Went Poorly:

  • Most of the work I did this week was not difficult so I feel like could have gotten more done.


  • New Map Layouts
  • New particle effects for new blessings

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