Jeff Term 2 PPJ02

What was Accomplished

  • Adjusted blessing interfaces, added a new one for global effects (2 hours)
  • Added functionality for unit stun blessing and advantage bonus blessing (2.5 hours)
  • Added functionality for stasis tower (1 hour)
  • Cleaned up unit code by moving blessing coroutines to their respective scripts (1 hour)
  • Fixed Catapult bugs (1 hour)
  • Finished Unity 2018 changeover (3 hours)
  • Total: 10.5 hours


What went well

  • Most of the features took less time to complete than I had expected
  • Found more incidental improvements to make while implementing new features


What didn’t

  • I feel like communication hasn’t been as great as I would like. I’d really prefer to be getting more regular updates from the team as far as deliverables go.
  • Personally had a tough week. Trying to push through it.
  • Not everything that I wanted to be done this week got done


What’s up next

  • A couple of features are still hanging over our heads, like the fourth blessing – a temporary stun to towers in a given area
  • Want to start setting up the code so that loadouts will work.

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