Meagan PPJ 02

Completed Tasks

  • Meeting/concepts for new blessing particles (1hr 30m)
  • Drawing new tower and blessing particle ideas (3hr)
  • Tool Tip concept (1hr)

Total Hours (5hr 30m)

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We introduced 4 new blessings so I spent some time coming up with ideas to represent their powers in terms of particle effects or symbols. The last two slides are my concept for the tool tips instructions.

What Went Well

I feel like there is more direction in terms of making decisions. We have more people to bounce ideas off of. Im glad I could sit down with Raul and come up with ideas for the new blessings and tower because we didn’t follow a strict creative process like this before. I got to discuss art tasks and future plans with Raul a bit as well. We are getting out of the design and concept phase which is great.

What Didn’t

I want to reach out and communicate more so everyone is on the same page. I realized that I wasn’t sure what some people were working on this week. I think ending meetings with everyone’s tasks and listing them out loud could work. Not everyone is on top of the hacknplan but we could start small and move forwards.


Start designing the loadout screen and creating the elements needed for its development. Talk to Javier about the particle ideas so he can start creating and implementing them. Go over the tool tips design with Mark and Jeff. Finalize this weeks ideas and begin creating them!

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