Raul PPJ 02



Meetings/Concepting: 1h 30 m

Priest Tower: 5h

Total Hours: 6h 30 m



This week, I jumped into my role as co-art lead. I helped Megan concept the new tower as well as particle effects for the new tower and blessings. I also helped to delegate art tasks among artist. Additionally, I modeled the new slow/priest tower and rigged the priest on top of it.



I have not been as good with communication as I would like to have been. I have not been entirely sure of what most of the team has been working on, outside of art.



For next week, I will be focusing on animating and texturing the new tower. I also plan on helping to concept more content as well as delegating and helping to oversee the creation of new particles. I also plan on being better with communication and getting updates on art assets.


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