Rigs and Twigs, Mark Hurley, PPJ 02

Task Completed:

Rigging and Animation (8 hours)

GDD Work (2 hours)

Unity Work (2 hours)

Playtest Questions (2 hours)

Total hours: 14


What Went Well?

This week I focused on trying to finish the unit rigs and begin animating them. So far, the animation and rigs are coming along strong. When they are done, they should be very effective attack animations to sell the overseeing general feel of this game. The team continues to work well together, and meetings are running smoothly. In addition to the unit animations, I spent time updating the GDD and preparing questions for playtesting sessions.

What Could Have Gone Better

The first thing that should have gone better is my personal time management. I should have finished the unit animations this week, but only one is complete. This wasn’t a poor week on my part, but it could have been more successful. The larger concern I’m beginning to have is that the second term of The Two Powerful Ones is less ambitious than the first. While we have a larger team to create assets, the plans for expanding the game still fit within the scope of our original smaller team. I think we will need to expand our planned features in future weeks to create development worthy of this bigger team, especially for all the new artists.


Finish Unit Animations

GDD Work

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