Erin Truesdell, PPJ 03

It’s not UI, it’s me.


Playtesting: 1h 30m

Implement New UI: 3h

Deliverables: 30m

Total: 6h


Oooooh oooooh, fancy interactions!



Lots of good work done this week. We’ve found our groove and are working well in it. Work is done, it’s implemented, the process is smooth (or as smooth as it can be with a team of this size), and the game is making leaps and bounds in terms of progress. I could not be happier with how things are going and how well this group is working together.

ALSO, I got to enjoy chasing people I know down in the street to recruit them for a playtest, which is one of my favorite things about being Designated Extrovert.



The process we’re making isn’t super exciting – most of our notes are updates, polish, and bugfixes. We have some new blessings in the works, but from the outside the work isn’t all that sexy.  HOWEVER, it does mean that our final product will be a polished and presentable game, which, in my opinion, is better than overexerting ourselves to deliver something with more features that’s buggy and feels unfinished.


What’s Next:

Loadscreens, for real this time. New back buttons (and maybe a new control for them). And whatever else needs doing.


Bonus content: A weird screenshot from another project feat. MEMES



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