Javier Figueroa PPJ3


  • Shield Modeling/texturing (3.5 hrs)
  • Implementing Shield in Unity (1 hr)
  • Thoth FX (1 hr)
  • Stasis FX (2 hr)
  • Meeting (1 hr)
  • Total: 8.5

The shield was the priority for this week. Figuring out the look did not take long and modeling it was also easy. The problem came when I had to figure out how to do emission and opacity in Substance Painter. The FX for Thoth is temporary since we are still trying to figure out what we want. The effect for the stasis tower (the model wasn’t available so I used the lightning obelisk as a placeholder) is temporary but the final should end up being fairly similar.

What Went Well:

  • The Shield came out well.

What Went Poorly:

  • There was not much progress when it came to the other FX. This is mainly due to the uncertainty of what they should look like.


  • Finalized version of the stasis FX and the Thoth FX.
  • FX for Sobek and Geb’s blessing will be started.

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