Jeff Term 2 PPJ03

What I did:

  • Set up code base for blessing loadouts (2 hours)
  • Began setting up code base for tooltip implementation (1.5 hours)
  • Adjusted unit damage to keeps (.5 hours)
  • Implemented effects for combat advantage and shield blessing (3.5 hours)
  • Obelisk charging effects (4 hours)
  • Implemented health bar redesign (1.5 hours)
  • Bug fixing
    • Made sure particle effects get destroyed after they finish emitting (1 hour)
    • Fixed broken Sekhmet blessing effects (1 hour)
    • Fixed issues where Sekhmet blessing would spend favor and do nothing, or destroy towers without costing favor (1 hour)
    • Fixed issue where reticule would remain active when it shouldn’t be (.5 hours)
  • Total: 16.5 hours


What went well:

  • Squashed lots of bugs
  • A lot of small but nice visual improvements were made that ultimately make the game look a lot nicer
  • Playtesting was very productive and we received a lot of good feedback
  • A lot of foundation work for future features has been implemented.


What didn’t:

  • Team communication needs improvement
  • Tasks need to be started earlier in the week so that things don’t pile up


Upcoming plans:

  • Actual implementation of tooltips
  • More polish to some features
  • Fixing more bugs

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