Raul Term2 PPJ03


Meetings/Concepting: 1h 30 m

Priest Tower: 6h

Total Hours: 7h 30 m



This week I finished modeling the Stasis Tower as well as textured and animated it. I also put it into unity so that it is ready to be implemented into the game. I also continued to help delegate tasks and helping to concept blessings and icons.



This week has been very hectic for me and I was not able to complete my tasks as early as I would have liked. I also wasn’t able to keep good communication in the later parts of the week. I also ran into an issue while trying to import animations into unity, however I was able to fix it by re-rigging the priest.



For next week, I will be helping with more concepts including concepting the main menu. I also plan on polishing any art assets as needed.


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