Its Alive!!!, Mark Hurley, PPJ 03

Task Completed:

Rigging and Animation (8 hours)

GDD Work (2 hours)

Unity Work (4 hours)

Total hours: 14


What Went Well?

This week was a continuation on finishing the unit rigs and getting all the animations finished and implemented into the game. The animations are pretty good considering the limitations of the model and the scale they’ll be displayed at. They look nice in the game view. There may be some adjustment needed for the animation controller, but overall the unit animations seem solid. In addition to that, I added some features to the GDD like loadouts and tooltips. We also had our first playtest and were very successful in getting participants. Overall, a solid week of work.


What Could Have Gone Better

We still need more work for some people. While everyone is working hard now, once the current features are completed, I wonder if there will be enough to continue making solid progress for the full team. Honestly, this isn’t the worst issue we could be facing. Normally teams have too much work to finish and not enough time to do it; but I want to make TPO the best it can be and making sure everyone can work on it for the 10 weeks of development will definitely help.



GDD Work

Environment Assets



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