Erin Truesdell, PPJ 04

Information Overload(out)


Loadout Menu: 5h

Loadout Menu Debugging: 1h

Total: 6h





The loadouts. They happened. They work. They’re not super pretty (yet). BUT they’re in the game. They’re hooked up. And we’ve got the beginnings of a sexy sexy menu. After a little bit of coding, a lot of thinking, and a decent amount of figuratively bashing my head against a wall, we got them in, we got them hooked up, and now we have this functionality for alpha.

Content included: having to reset the position numbers twice because I can’t read, weird voodoo math where 1+3 = 7, except when 1+3 = 5, and accidentally trying to load the next scene every single frame because my brain was oozing out of my ears.



Loading screens didn’t get finished because loadouts ate my time & fried my brains. Accidentally fried Unity a few times. All self-inflicted.


What’s Next:

Loadscreens, for real this time. Getting the rest of Meagan’s beautiful loadout UI implemented! Also, playtesting because why else bother having an extrovert?!


Bonus content: Memeing it up on Facebook while breaking the game.