Raul PPJ 04


Meetings/Concepting: 30m

Main Menu: 2h

Other Textures: 1h 30m

Total Hours: 4h



This week I finally got started on the main menu. I concepted it with Mark, as well as started gathering, modeling, and texturing assets for it. I also started to look at the textures for other assets and see where they could be improved. This week I added a more detailed sandstone texture to the keeps.



This week has been pretty rough. I was able to do some texturing early in the week. However, I was not able to get nearly as far as I wanted to for the main menu. In addition to many other obligations this week, I also got sick, which has negatively affected my energy levels.



For next week, I will be finishing the assets for the main menu as well as looking at revising more textures.


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